Our Girls

Little Miss Nutmeg, “Meg”
is a fox red lab, born 10/4/11. She is a great family dog, a true companion, and an amazing hunter. She won’t leave a bird behind. Meg’s hobbies include swimming, hunting, and picking locks from the inside.

Copper Star’s Keepin’ the Faith. “Faith” is a dark yellow lab, born 3/14/14. She is Meg’s daughter and has closely followed in her footsteps. She is a very methodical hunter with great ability. Faith’s hobbies include irritating her brother Fletcher, hunting, and puddle jumping.

Copper Star’s It Started as a Rumor. “Rumor” is a fox red lab, born on 4/26/15. She began training for field work at 5 weeks old and loves those birds! Rumor’s personality is very similar to her mother and sister, but being the baby girl of the household, she is a bit calmer. Rumor’s habits include chasing her big brother and sister around, pestering the cats, and rabbit hunting in the yard.

Tennessee’s Honey Mahogany Bristol. “Bristol” is our only Vizsla, born 12/12/12. She is in her second year of hunting and is a machine! Bristol is the rule enforcer of the pack. She will often tend to the puppies and make sure they are behaving. Bristol’s hobbies include distance running, babysitting, and cuddling.